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When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting.

Eternal Life Ministries is going digital.

What’s happening?

Starting in October 2021, Eternal Life will be transitioning our Church database to an online, Cloud based,  Church Management Software platform called ChurchTrac. Church management software is specialised software that assists churches in administration and automation of daily operations.

What does cloud based mean?

Cloud computing is the delivery of services over the internet. Consumers no longer need to buy or build expensive computer systems. Instead users access services via the internet – from ‘the Cloud’. Cloud computing is already a major part of many people’s lives. Services such as Google Maps, Apple iTunes, and webmail services including Gmail and Hotmail are all delivered through cloud computing.

Why ChurchTrac?

ChurchTrac is a US based church management software that was selected as the most feature rich, cost effective solution on the market. It is currently used by thousands of churches world wide. ChurchTrac is designed for pastors by pastors. Their team have a heart for the local church and are committed to providing excellent products and support at a reasonable price.

Why now?

If you were asked to catch a fish you’d use a rod. If you were asked to catch MANY fish, you’d probably use a net. When you’re called to do more, you need to upgrade your tools to achieve more! At Eternal we believe we’ve been called to do more. We are upgrading so we can ensure we provide the very best service to our church family, while not hampering our administrators and volunteers with inefficient systems.

What does this mean for me?

Hopefully better service! The information provided will be uploaded to the ChurchTrac platform to get it setup. ChurchTrac has a number of nifty features such as a personalised members portal, membership management, rostering, worship planning and much more. We hope to be rolling these features out to you in the coming months so you can see the benefit for yourself!

What information is collected and why?

The contact details you have previously supplied are being uploaded. Some of the information we collect at Eternal includes:

  • Contact details: e.g. name, address, phone number, email, etc. – This lets us keep in touch and keep you up to date with what’s happening!
  • Personal details: e.g.  birthdate, marital status, gender, baptism, etc. – This helps us run our programs such as men’s, ladie’s, new believers and couples programs, as well as birthday cards and announcements!
  • Family details: e.g. spouse, children, etc. – This helps us plan our programs such as kids ministry and rostering.
  • Skills and giftings:  e.g. Worship, preaching, leadership, etc. – This helps us plan our services and develop our future leaders!

We will not provide your information to any third party. Our Church Administrator will be uploading the information personally, and only a select few will have access for the purposes of running our ministries.

Where will my information be stored and is it safe?

ChurchTrac is a US based cloud service and their infrastructure is fully built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform of services. AWS has a stellar reputation for security, reliability and uptime and is used by some of the worlds largest companies including: Netflix, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Airbnb and Ways.

What if I’d prefer my information not be included?

Not a problem at all, we can exclude some or all of your details at any time upon request to,. No questions asked! During the month of September we are having a consultation period to allow members to opt out of having their details uploaded to the new ChurchTrac platform. You can continue to interact with us via existing means such as SMS, website and Social Media.

What do I need to do and when will this happen

Nothing! Starting in October we will start to transition our church database to the ChurchTrac platform. If you are happy to proceed and your details are up to date, you don’t need to do anything. We’ll take care of the lot! If you think your details may need updating, you can check via an email to:

Where can I go for more information