Daily Devotional

Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.

On this page we will share what the Lord is doing through the Ministry of Pastors Robin and Rebecca John

Prior to our Visit to Kuala Lumpor – Note from Rebecca:

When our Church core prayer group was praying for us in our home, I had a beautiful picture of a bow and arrow. Robin and I are the arrow, going forth from the bow into Kuala Lumpor. The group of intercessors are the bow. The arrow cannot go out with force, power and impetus without the bow. The LORD is the Archer Who holds the bow and the arrow in His hands to shoot, as, when and where He desires! Thank you Ps Don, the Prayer Core group and the Eternal congregation for travelling with us on your knees. Your Prayer covering is the greatest blessing we could have from the Church. May your reward be great. Genesis 15:1  Robin and Rebecca – 2 Chron 15:7

Please read Robin’s report for July and August, 2018.

KL, Malaysia – June 15-25
We sensed a different atmosphere here this time. The oppression and darkness that used to envelope this place seemed to have lifted. There was order on the roads and also cleanliness in restaurants. We had strategic times of much needed counsel, encouragement and prayer with Pastors, couples, families and individuals in restaurants, cafes and homes. It is amazing to observe the hand of the Almighty GOD of the universe orchestrating such appointments so specifically with such time precision!  One of the highlights was meeting with Ps Adiyya Paul and his brother from Hyderabad, India. Ps Adiyya got in touch with us mysteriously about six years ago. Together with his godly family, Church family, and children in his orphanage, he has stood with us in sincere and fervent prayer ever since. He was so desirous to do this flight to KL just to see us!  It was a great joy to meet face to face and know the reality of the bond of CHRIST! Ps 147:5-6

Kingdomcity, Malaysia
Praise GOD for the success of the Kingdomcity Church. From a congregation of just 4, they now run well over 5000 people! The lively congregations at the Subang campus and the Klang campus received the message well. The message was about the influence of an individual with an excellent spirit like Daniel through the Holy Spirit. The feedback was that it was a timely message for the Church and for individuals, especially one of much political influence who was in the congregation. Eight and two persons responded to the altar call at the two assemblies respectively. We spent some time with all the Senior Pastors of the Church over meals, encouraging them and praying with them and also with the key politician and the family. All these were strategically planned by the LORD.
The two hours spent with the MIT (Ministers In Training) was a special and fulfilling time. We were touched by the humble, enthusiastic and receptive attitude of these pastors and staff workers. There were many relevant points for them from John 21, the most important being the question from our LORD “Do you love Me more than these?”

Ministry in May

Beverly – WA
We accompanied Geoff and Margaret (South West Outreach Team) to a little town just over an hour’s drive from Perth. About 12 older folk gathered in the home of Glenda whose husband Terry passed away just over three months ago. This was an enthusiastic group of people who were attending different Churches in the area. They participated in the informal study of ‘An Open Heaven’. As GOD’S people live without guile like Nathaniel, walk in obedience and in prayer, there will be an open heaven over Beverly.

Bible Foundation Church, Mandurah
Ps Dennis and Juliet Fynn are in a healthy new phase of ministry with a new name. New people are being added to the assembly. It was good to speak to them from John 21 about the restoration and new beginning for Peter.

Kingdomcity Leadership Academy and Ministers In Training  (KLA and MIT)
The serious commitment of the leadership of this Church and their desire to do their best is a challenge to the other parts of the Body of CHRIST. It was a joy to teach, answer questions and pray with these enthusiastic and responsive students.

 Warren Valley Community Church, Manjimup
It was good to spend time with Ps Sue Mcredden and the leaders and preach about the excellent spirit Daniel carried in all circumstances, including his time with lions! We are glad to hear from Sue that new people are coming and that lives are being transformed! Although the Church building was broken into the previous week, and a computer taken, they are happy that the police could walk in and hear of the positive influence of the Church on the local community! Rom 8:28

Eternal Life Ministries, Perth
The workings of the Holy Spirit are becoming more evident in this assembly. The broken, the bereaved and the sick are being ministered to and there is a call to deep repentance and return to our first love for JESUS. Acts 3:19

Ministry in April:

Kingdomcity Perth (South Campus)
This is a fast growing Church with an enthusiastic congregation. There was a good response at both services from many people to commit to follow the LORD.

Auckland, New Zealand
All Nations City Church celebrated its 10th anniversary on a grand scale with a special service. It was a joyous occasion with gratitude to GOD for the ministry of Ps Theo and Manju through this Church. Many souls have been saved and built up in their faith. The emphasis of the messages was on serving the LORD because we love Him. I taught the leaders on the characteristics of a leader and Rebecca spoke to the ladies at a breakfast meeting and led the early bird Bible study before the Sunday service.

Ballarat, Victoria
It was a joy to teach the word to the group of young people attending the Christian Revival Church at my son Preshan’s home on Wednesday evening . They are keen learners and are being discipled effectively.
Gateway (Baptist) Church, Adelaide

We flew to Adelaide for the weekend to minister at the above Church. They have moved into larger premises to prepare for the harvest ahead. The response was tremendous and the time with the Senior Pastor Ps Jeremy Jaques was a blessing to encourage him to move forward the congregation of 240 people.
Returning to Melbourne, we met up with friends and relatives and enjoyed a short refreshing time. About 3.30am on 27th April, while getting ready to leave for the airport to catch an early flight to Perth, we got news of the passing away of Rebecca’s Mum in Sri Lanka. After the initial sadness of losing Mum from this earth, we have great joy welling up in our hearts especially after hearing her helper who was beside her, describe the passing away of Mummy. “She was peaceful and radiant. She had a smile on her face as she breathed her last!” She was a servant of GOD and we are so very happy for Mummy and our hope of eternity is even more real now. It is so easy to cross over from this temporal to the eternal! We thank GOD for this provision He has made for us through our LORD JESUS. 1 Cor 15:55-58